Saturday, February 16, 2008

Heather is...

wishing a happy, spectacular, fantasmic birthday to Maureen Johnson. Happy B-day!

Clearly, today is her birthday, February 16th.

I've decided this is gonna be a new thing. You know, wishing authors happy birthday? Yeah, I'm going to do that from now on, so if you know any authors birthday, let me know. I'll compile a list, mark them on my calendar, and create a post for each and every one. :D

And thanks to Libba Bray (being of awesome), I know that she loves cake, ice cream, party hats, confetti, pinatas, diamonds, unicorns, zombies, books, music, t-shirts that read, "Feel the power of my MOJO!", cash, credit cards, museum passes, real English tea, vegetarian goodies, M&Ms, bad eighties songs, dance videos, toe socks, monkeys, amusing air fresheners, mod bands, shoes, and sugar.

But no eggs. She doesn't like eggs.

Please go to MJ's blog @ and wish her a Happy Birthday! :D


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