Tuesday, November 18, 2008

so tired of being the one

to tell you that I'm sorry. For not being active. The issue is, I'm, personally, not sure if I have the time to keep up with this blog anymore. I barely keep up with my personal blog, and that isn't as difficult. I'm thinking about reviewing a few more books this month (one for Discordia is actually in the process of being written) and then taking December off. I've been planning to take December off for a while, since I'll be gone for half of it, and I'm going to try to realize during Christmas break, maybe re-read some books that I really love and read a few more that aren't reviewing material. Some things I just want to get out of the way. After that--and I haven't even talked to Caroline about this-- I think I'll decide if I want to continue anymore. Probably not, since we are performing Emma for Drama Club next semester and that's going to be an insane amount of rehearsals, and long ones at that. So I'll be just as busy next semester (well, more probably) and that will make it harder. I'm sad that if I decide not to that I won't have even lasted a year.

And there are so many things about being in the YA reviewing world that I love. I love talking to authors and all of our readers. I love receiving books in the mail, which doesn't happen otherwise. I love the opportunities I receive by reviewing. And I love books and talking about them. But I don't love the work that I have to put into keeping this blog up-to-date, or pausing and writing a review between books, or ignoring school work so I can do this stuff. But if there's a reviewing team out there that I can join part-time coming January, I'll be perfectly happy with that. So if there's anyone out there that wouldn't mind me coming to their team in January, let me know, please.

Heather, your long lost reviewer


Steph said...

Hey Heather - I know how you feel. Sometimes I, too, feel like quitting. (It's not the work that bothers me so much as the disappointments that come with this, as with anything else.) I really hope you won't - I miss you guys! Ultimately it's up to you, but I for one don't wanna see you quit.


Shooting Stars Mag said...

Like Steph says, I know how you feel. Sometimes I just have a hard time focusing on things and keeping the blog updated...and that's when I don't even get a ton of comments. I mean, it's cool...but it's definitely tiring. I love it though, but i can understand how you might be too busy...i get that way a lot too, but i tryyy and work around it for now.

I don't have a team really. I mean, I post most things. Keaton used to help, but hasn't recently b/c she's been sooo busy too, but if you do quit and want to post random reviews or help with stuff still, you're welcome to post them on my blog. I don't mind the help. LOL


Aella said...

Sad, but I completely understand. All the same, you know the Maelstroms will miss you enormously. You guys are the oldies but goodies of the blogging world. There are a few of us "stuck-it-out" bloggers still around. Plus! I was just formatting the interview that you guys collaborated on for our blog. I'd be sad if it was invalid.

All the same. Up to you. *shniff*

Medeia said...

That's so saaaad. I totally understand with the taking time off (well, obviously... not like I disappeared during November or anything) but... I guess... if you really wanted to... but we'd miss you terribly.