Thursday, April 24, 2008


Okay, so there are a few contests floating around here, including one to win a copy of The Day of My Miraculous Reappearance by Catherine Ryan Hyde. Details for this can be found on Reviewer X's blog. This contest ends on Saturday, the 26th, so go ahead and enter!

Elizabeth Scott, author of Perfect You, is also having a contest (where you have a chance of winning a copy of Sarah Dessen's Lock and Key). Here are the rules (copied straight from her myspace bulleting):

1.Buy a copy of Perfect You and save the receipt.

2. Take a photo of the receipt with your cell phone, digital camera, etc., and then send the picture to me at

Please make sure to include your name, as well as the email address it's best to contact you at.

3. Once I get the picture of your receipt, you'll be entered into the PERFECT YOU contest drawing.

Here are the prizes:

One person will receive an iPod nano OR a $200 gift certificate to the bookstore of their choice

Twenty people (yep, TWENTY) will each receive a $20 gift certificate to the bookstore of their choice

So, there's actually a total of twenty-one prizes (!) to be given away, and again, all you have to do to enter is buy Perfect You, and send a picture of your receipt to The contest will run through May 2nd, and I'll announce the winners on May 5th

Also! Everyone who enters the contest between now and May 2nd will also be entered into a drawing to win a copy of Sarah Dessen's new book, Lock and Key. I have ten copies to give away, and winners will be picked at random and notified on May 3rd.

Also, in other news, we haven't been able to get the links up yet to the sites we promised we'd trade links with, but they will be up soon enough (even if I have to go over to Caroline's house and do it myself).

I'm also thinking about a contest idea for us. We need books or items to give away before we can hold the contest, though, so if there are any authors reading this that would like to help out, please contact me at


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