Friday, June 13, 2008

Hiatus Tour (and contest)

Hey guys! It's our first contest! yay!

So here's the basic idea:

Both Caroline and I will be leaving on Sunday to go to a creative writing program for two weeks, which means we won't be here. But don't worry! We're going to be doing a fun special feature/contest called the Hiatus Tour. (Thanks Chelsea for unawarely helping us name this!)

During this tour, we will have a review every other day at different locations around the blogging community--that means seven reviews and seven locations. The days of posting will be the 15th, 17th, 19th, 21st, 23rd, 25th, and 27th.

Maybe your asking yourself right now, "But what makes this fun?" Well I'm answering you by saying that we aren't going to tell you where these reviews will be. The only way you'll be able to find them is if you follow the clues at the end of each post that leads to the next location. Got it? Good, here are the rules for entering the contest:

1) You must comment on the post (1 entry).
2) To gain a second entry you can copy/paste the clue from the previous review in the comment. For example: If you read the post on the 17th and followed that clue to the next location on the 19th, you would put the clue from the 17th in your comment on the 19th post. (I realize this is a bit confusing so if you have any questions, please leave them in the comments or send an email to and we'll try to answer them before we leave)
3) These methods of obtaining entries can be used on all 7 posts in all 7 locations, for a total of 14 entries in the end.
4) At the end of the last post (on the 27th) instead of a clue, there will be a phrase. The first person to copy/paste that phrase into a comment on this post will get an extra two entries.

Note to review hosts: You guys will automatically get two entries since you won't be eligible for comment on your own post or on the next person's post.

The prize for the winner has not yet been decided, but it will be a book and some bookmarks--we're just not sure which book yet, so go ahead an enter. The day we get back we will announce what the winning prize will be and if you already have it and would like to opt out of the drawing, just let us know and we'll take out your entries.

You guys got it? Okay, then. Get started! Here's the first clue:

mysterious, without a name is she,
she provides us with YA updates weekly,
her multi-tasking blog is sure to be fun,
her lair is location number one.


p.s. Sorry about the cheesy rhyming hints, but it's the best we could do at the last minute *shrug*
p.p.s. Another note to review hosts, if we haven't sent you your review, please email us. We're pretty sure of the ones we haven't gotten sent out, but we want to make sure. Also, the day you're hosting is a secret--even the fact that you are hosting is a sekrit, so don't let anyone know!


Abby O. said...

Wow,that sounds like fun,but I'm probably going to stay home and bore myself to death.Then next summer I'll bug my parents untill they let me do something fun like swim(some people think it's funny,but I only went swimming once when I was 4,since then I've only seen a beach once).Hope you have fun on the Hiatus Tour,more fun than I'll be having.
Sincerly Bored,
Abby O.

paperxxflowers said...

Wow.. That's pretty unique.

Not a very tough clue, however. :]